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Here at Raptors World we can cater for almost any event. Read more about the services we offer below:


Raptor is always a big hit at all the parties she attends. We tailor our performances depending on the audience age ranges and always try to make sure your party is unforgettable, your guests will never forget their encounter with Raptor. We can offer the exciting experience of having Raptor come by for a meet and greet, she loves spending time playing games or on the dance floor and her highly trained ranger will be by her side to keep her in line and happily answer any questions.

velociraptor at the park


Want to make your event unforgettably ROARSOME! Need something to create a stir at your event? Nothing will create make your event stand out more than a roaring, fully interactive Velociraptor! We have attended lots of different kinds of events over the years from family day out locations and Comic-Cons to shopping centres and Funfairs but we will come to any event! Just let us know what kind of plans you have!

animatronic velociraptor at event


Need something to attract the eyes of your customers? We can offer this unique opportunity of having Raptor appear wherever you need her to bring a stir for your product/brand. She certainly never fails to catch the eye and make a big impression! People never forget an encounter with Raptor!

anamatronic velociraptor hiding in trees

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